3DsMax X-Plane Obj Exporter - Old version 1.0.0

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Old 1.0.0 versions

X-Plane OBJ Export (old)
This is the Old 1.0.0 version of the exporter and it is not supporting now, if you want you may use it, but consider to use new version
This version was payed and now it is freeware. We did not disable activation system, but we have created page for manual activation. So, you can use it for generation an activation code for your copy of this plug-in. 
Plug-in supports 9-2012 versions of the 3dsMax and X-Plane 9 version.

Download Links
3Ds Max 9 32/64
3Ds Max 2008 32/64
3Ds Max 2009 32/64
3Ds Max 2010 32/64
3Ds Max 2011 32/64
3Ds Max 2012 32/64

Activation Link
Generate activation key

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