3DsMax X-Plane Obj Exporter - Old version 1.8.6

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Old 1.8.6 versions

Known Issues.
- Problem with installation under Windows 8.

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Attention! We don't support 32bit versions of the 3DsMax. Also you need to uninstall a previous version before install a new version.
Download 1.8.6 alpha
For 3DsMax 9x64
For 3DsMax 2008x64
For 3DsMax 2009x64
For 3DsMax 2010x64
For 3DsMax 2011x64
For 3DsMax 2012x64
For 3DsMax 2013x64
For 3DsMax 2014x64
For 3DsMax 2015x64

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