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3DsMax X-Plane obj exporter
This plug-in is for the 3DsMax that allows you to export the 3DsMax's scenes to the X-Plane's .obj format. So, you can make aircraft and scenery objects with the might instruments of the 3DsMax and easy export them to the X-Plane.
It is free to use.

The latest version you can get at the github
See plugin Help

The plugin is open source now and distributed under BSD 3-Clause license, you can get the sources here.

Leave your wishes and bug-reports on the following sites:
github issues it is preferred
x-plane.org forum
avsim.su forum


This software is distributed for free, but if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources we've put into developing and supporting it, we would graciously accept and appreciate your donation. Your contribution will go toward the continued improvement of the software and costs of distributing it.

Old 1.8.6 versions

Known Issues.
- Problem with installation under Windows 8.

Download Links
Attention! We don't support 32bit versions of the 3DsMax. Also you need to uninstall a previous version before install a new version.
Download 1.8.6 alpha
For 3DsMax 9x64
For 3DsMax 2008x64
For 3DsMax 2009x64
For 3DsMax 2010x64
For 3DsMax 2011x64
For 3DsMax 2012x64
For 3DsMax 2013x64
For 3DsMax 2014x64
For 3DsMax 2015x64

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Old 1.0.0 versions

X-Plane OBJ Export (old)
This is the Old 1.0.0 version of the exporter and it is not supporting now, if you want you may use it, but consider to use new version
This version was payed and now it is freeware. We did not disable activation system, but we have created page for manual activation. So, you can use it for generation an activation code for your copy of this plug-in. 
Plug-in supports 9-2012 versions of the 3dsMax and X-Plane 9 version.

Download Links
3Ds Max 9 32/64
3Ds Max 2008 32/64
3Ds Max 2009 32/64
3Ds Max 2010 32/64
3Ds Max 2011 32/64
3Ds Max 2012 32/64

Activation Link
Generate activation key

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