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X-DC Viewer
The X-DC Viewer is a simple program for viewing the X-Plane datarefs and commands. It supports all txt formats based on the datarefs and commands principles, so you can create and use your own lists.

Download Links
Attention! The program requires the 
Microsoft Redistributable 2013 to be installed.
Attention! We don't support x86 platform. Also you need to uninstall a previous version before install a new version.
Download 0.9.0 beta
Setup For Win7 x64 / Win8 x64
Portable(zip) For Win7 x64 / Win8 x64

Information Links
About datarefs

Supporting the platforms: Win7 x64, Win8 x64. (tested win7 x64) 
Each file will be opened in its own tab.
Tree/List view.
Auto - Save/load open files.
Fast copying the selected item to the clipboard.
Searching text in the file.