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Boeing 757 Professional by VMAX Flight, FlightFactor and StepToSky Team.

StepToSky is participating in a joint aircraft modelling project with FlightFactor.
The project's goal is to create the most advanced model of a Boeing 757 for X-Plane simulator.

The professional series is the most in-depth sim add-on for X-Plane to date. What sets these models apart is system
system depth, which is consider to be the most important aspect of model making. The professional series is therefore
licensed by Boeing and tested by real airline pilots and engineers. To stay the top model manufacturer for X-Plane we
employ the best texture artists and real aeronautical engineers.

The professional series includes the Boeing 757(-200/-300/-RF), 767(-200/-300ER/-F) and the 777(-200LR/-300ER/-LRF).
The team is also fortunate to receive the help from enthusiasts, sound engineers and video editors.

Andrey Germayer – aeronautical engineering
Richard Culver – 3D design and graphics
Alexy Stankevich – 3D design and graphics
Camrad – sound engineering
Denis Minaev – liveires
Stanislav Leontyev – liveries
Emma Bentley – liveries
Bradley Fishman – touch-enhancement of remote CDU
Philipp Münzel – systems programmer
Denis Maslov – systems programmer
Sophie Lyubimkina – general programmer
Alexander Khudekov – 3D designer
Yuri Lyubimkin – Special systems programmer
Sergey Berezovsky – programmer
Roman Berezin – general programmer, 3D designer, project manager
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