The STS-Reloader is the plug-in for the X-Plane which allows you to reload plug-ins, aircrafts and sceneries.
The plug-in supports X-Plane 9/10 and platforms: Win 32/64, Linux 32;

The plug-in has the menu (STS.Reloader), with three sub-menus:
Reload Plugins
Reload Scenery
Reload Aircraft

Sub-menu “Reload Plugins”
You can reload any plug-ins without simulator restart!
- Click on the menu item
- A message appears indicating that you can perform activities with plug-ins
- Perform all activities with plug-ins and their resources
- Press the button of the message.
- All plug-ins now is restarted, including their resources.
This is very useful for debugging and for developing plug-ins.

Sub-menu “Reload Scenery”
Reload the *.dsf files with their resources that presented in the scene (pol-polygons, for-forests, lin-lines) and current airport file (apt.dat).
Object files (*.obj) will not be reloaded.
This is very useful for editing and for develop sceneries.

Sub-menu “Reload Aircraft”
Reload your aircraft. acf-file and all resources (textures, etc.) associated with the aircraft.
This is very convenient for the aircrafts designing.

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